Post Road Gallery
Fine Decorative Arts
Elihu Vedder
American, (1836 - 1923)
Tri-part Fireback
"Fire Spirit"

Cast Iron, Circa 1880
30 inches high x 57 wide
Inscribed at the bottom

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"So successful is the modest piece of artistic ornamentation that one feels the time must come when our best artists generally will contribute the creation of their genius to the adornment of American homes..."

This period quote was from, "Artistic Houses" a publication from 1884 that reviewed contemporary American interiors. In his review of the newly redecorated dining room of the Robert Treat Paine home in Boston, the author singled out the fireback from this room, identified it as Vedder and praised it in this lavish language. To see the fireback in this interior click here.

Visible here but not in "Artistic Houses" are the wonderful side panels that are beautifully decorated with stylized aesthetic floral designs.
This piece was originally intended to be behind the fire in an elaborate large fireplace. It still could be but it has been framed with it's side panel in a Stanford White Style frame. It can now be presented above a mantle where it will be wonderfully dramatic.