Lincoln by Pickett

Post Road Gallery
American Sculpture

Byron Pickett
American (1833-1907)

"Abraham Lincoln"
24-1/2 x 18-1/2 inches
Signed and dated "1873"
Cast Circa 1910 for L.G. Muller, Chicago
inscribed "Copyrighted L. G. Muller, 1908" on the verso

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Little is known of Byron Picket. He worked in New York City and sculpted the Morse Memorial statue in Central Park, that was erected in 1871. He also sculpted the relief on the monument to the 62nd New York Infantry at the Battlegrounds in Gettysburg, PA.

A bronze version of Byron's portrait of Lincoln was purchased by L. G. Muller in the 1890's. They copywritted the image and made a print of it along with this iron casting of the plaque. The image was used for postage and subsequent smaller medalions cast for the Lincoln National Life Insurance Company

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