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Pair of Oval Landscapes, "Winter and Summer"
Harry Cassie Best, Vestal Falls, Yosemite
Albion Harris Bicknell"In a Lilly Pond"
Robert Ward Van Boskerck, "Still Life with Peacock Feathers"
George H. Boughton, "The Old Bridge by the MIll"

Ruth Payne Burgess, Still Life, "The Japanese Woman"
Soren-Emil Carlsen “Still Life w/ Fruit and Wine”

Portriait of Horace Greeley

Hermann Herzog, Ox Cart in the Mountians
Thomas Hews Hinckley, Two Deer at Sunset
Thomas Hope Still Life With Pipe, Matches and Newspaper,
Thomas Hope, Still life with Banjo
John A. Knight "American Ship off the Coast
Max Kuehne, Delft Vase and Flowers
"Henry Hudson Coming to New York", Illustration by David Lithgow
Pinckney Marcius-Simons "The Ambitious Model
William R. Miller, Scene in the Catskills
William R. Miller, "Shoveling Coal"
Jane Peterson, Pitchfork Falls, Alaska
Antoni Piotrowski, Market Day in Winter
Pinckney Marcius-Simons "The Ambitious Model
Pinckney Marcius-Simons "The Renaissance"
Henry Raschen, Apache Scout on the Colorado River
Horace Wolcott Robbins View of Mount Blanc
John White Allen Scott, Deer in the White Mountains
Lars Gustaf Sellstedt, Still Life with Fruit and Wine
Warren Sheppard, Ship Portrait of the City of Paris, 1912
William Louis Sonntag, "Sunrise in the Adirondacks"
Lilly Martin Spencer, "Bo Peep"
Harry Watrous, "Still Life with Silver Duck and Vases
Paul Gottlieb Webber, The Hudson River
John Williamson, Passing Shower, Upper Connecticut Valley
Robert Wylie, "Ragpicker and Pottery Seller in Finistère"


Charles Ethan Akeley, "Stung"
"Bust of Daniel Webster"
Thomas Ball, "Bust of Eve"
Margaret Foley, Prophet Zephaniah
Richard Greenough, "Love Bound"
Malvina Hoffman,,Solomon Islander Climbing a Palm Tree
Chauncey Bradley Ives, "Cupid"
Philip Martiny, Boy with Heron Fountain
Robert Tait McKenzie, "The Joy of Effort", 1912 Olympic Medallion
Carl Milles, "The Skater"
Carl Milles, Struggle for Life

Andrew O'Connor, "So Innocent..."
Erastus Dow Palmer, "Rebecca Knower" or "Virginia"
Longworth Powers, "Idealized Portrait Bust"
Emmanuel Villanis, The Sirens of the Sea

Furniture and Decorative Arts

Bradley and Hubbard "Lucky" Hall Lamp and Card Reciever
"Bubble Blower", Doré and Patinated Empire Mantle Clock
Set of Four E. F. Caldwell Alabaster and Bronze Chandeliers
E. F. Caldwell , Sconces from Lynnewood Hall
Set of Clews Historical Staffordshire
Desk from the New York State Capitol Assembly Chamber
Pair of Carved Throne Chairs by Frullini
Pair of Aesthetic Hanging Corner Shelves, 48 inches high
Herter Brother Display Cabinetfrom the New York City Mansion of J. P. Morgan
Herter Brother, Fall Front Desk, Secretaire à Abattant Form
Pair of Aesthetic Inlaid Rosewood Side Chairs, By Herter Brothers
Kimbel and Cabus, Modern Gothic Fall Front Desk
French Empire Anular dial clock with Movement by Lepine
François Linke, Ormolu and Tulipwood Marquetry Cylinder Desk
Empire Bookcase with Carved Eagle feet Attr. J. & J. Meeks
Charles X Mantle Clock with Pineapple motif
Pottier and Stymus Manufacturing Company, Ebonized Credenza
Crawford Riddle, Empire Secrétaire à Abattant
Tiffany and Company Makers Two Dialed Gallery Clock
Tiffany and Company, Aesthetic Style Tall Case Clock
Aesthetic Cabinet, by Charles Tisch
Water Filter by Union Porcelain Works, Greenpoint, NY
Cast Iron Lion by Robert Wood & Co., Philadelphia, circa 1860

Fine Antique Clocks

"Bubble Blower", Doré and Patinated Empire Mantle Clockclocks
Pewter and Doré Mantle Clock by E. F. Caldwell & Co., New York.
French Empire Anular dial clock with Movement by Lepine
Aesthetic Mantle Clock with Ceramic Tiles by the Low Tile Company
"Orpheus Longing for Eurydice" by Robert à Paris
Charles X Mantle Clock with Pineapple motif
French Skeleton Clock Circa 1790
Tiffany and Company Makers Double Dialed Gallery Clock
Tiffany and Company, Aesthetic Style Tall Case Clock

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