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Thomas Ball
American, 1864 - 1926

"Bust of Eve"
Signed and Dated 1872
28-1/2 inches high

Another example of this model, dated three years later, 1875, is in the collection of the Montclair Art Museum.

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Thomas Ball devoted a chapter in his first autobiography My Three Score and Ten, to the sculpting of Eve. He told how when he began work on the full length statue it was his most ambitious piece up to that date. The concept was to show Eve nude but "unconscious of her nudity" as she is described in scripture. The statue consumed so much of Ball's time and energy that he recounted nightmares of entering his studio only to find the statue had become annimated ran and hid, damaging herself as a statue, because Eve had awoken to the fact that she was nude and her modesty had taken over. It's an amusing story. You may read the story on Google Books.

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