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Carl Ethan Akeley
American, 1864 - 1926

Signed and Dated 1914
9-1/4 inches high
Roman Bronze Works, NY

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Carl Akeley as a sculptor is best know for his statues of elephants but his interest in Africa and it's exotic wild went well beyond sculpture. Akeley was employed by the American Museum of Natural and is credited as the creator and designer of Hall of African Mammals. More than just artist, Akeley was an explorer and innovator in the science of taxidermy, making his models far more life-like than just the stuffed skins that were the state of the art for the day. Akeley's artwork, whether in sculpture or a museum presentation, blended art together with science in giving equal attention to drama and anatomical and geographical accuracy. Click here to read about Akeley on the AMNH web site.

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